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День благодарения 2019: поздравления на английском

День благодарения является традиционным праздником в США, но его также отмечают в Канаде.

Поскольку эти страны англоязычные, то и поздравляют с Днем благодарения обычно на английском языке.

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Ко Дню благодарения Факты ICTV собрали поздравления на английском языке, чтобы у вас была возможность поздравить американских друзей.

The things that matter most of all are often close at hand — a touch, a hug, a gentle look, a smile… They’re what life is made of, and they matter most of all. Wishing you the very best at Thanksgiving and always!


As the seasons change and the leaves begin to fall, we are reminded that we have had another successful year. Wishing you countless blessings this Thanksgiving and all the year through!


We may be far apart, but our hearts are next door neighbors! May your Thanksgiving be rich with family love, warm with friendship and happy with life’s goodness.


When the season is Thanksgiving and autumn’s in the air it warms the heart to think of those for whom we specially care. Happy Thanksgiving 2019!


May you celebrate the thanksgiving day with love in your heart, prosperous vision in your mind, and gratitude in your being. Thanksgiving wishes to everyone!


Happy Thanksgiving. Here’s hoping that whatever you do today brings you delight from morning until night. May the holiday bring you nothing but wonderful things in abundance.


Thanksgiving for people is the morning sun and the setting moon, the cheerful bird and the dancing mood, the silent waters and the playful dunes. But more than that, I cherish you. Wishing you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving Day.

Факты ICTV также подготовили подборку поздравлений с Днем благодарения на русском языке.

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